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connect with university students like never before.


Unifi is a groundbreaking open platform social network tailored exclusively for university students! Imagine a virtual space where content is freely accessible and enthusiastically engaged with by over 5,000 students in each university, or approx. 10,000 students across your city.  We house over 250,000 university students nationally. Your brand can take centre stage inside unifi, among a selection of others, and being hosted is FREE.

Your venue listing will be guaranteed to be seen by students each and every time they use unifi to access their Unifi Card or to contribute within the social space, which is daily. Partnering with unifi is an opportunity to be seen, heard, and cherished by your local student base and an invitation to make a lasting impact on their university journey! 🚀



Within the vibrant world of Unifi, there's a personalized hub just for your company! This dedicated page is all about showcasing your brand's essence, complete with essential contact information and a lively bio that truly captures your personality. It's an exclusive space designed to let your brand's story shine.

In exchange for this prime placement and ongoing marketing support, we kindly request a little something special from you: an exclusive Unifi discount, tailor-made for our cherished Unifi cardholders. We're talking about a discount that's so extraordinary, so enticing, that it makes every Unifi cardholder feel truly valued and appreciated. Let's make this collaboration a win-win, bringing exceptional value to both your brand and our vibrant Unifi community! 💫


Beyond securing your prime spot at the heart of our app, reaching every university student in your city, we extend a suite of dynamic marketing tools at your fingertips. Imagine more than just a listing - envision Unifi Hub posts adorned with eye-catching imagery, ad-hoc cloud notifications, engaging email campaigns, and lively group chat announcements.

It's easy to harness this marketing power. Just a quick trip to the form at the bottom of this page whenever you're ready to broadcast your message to the entire campus community. But hold onto your hat because we're taking things up a notch! Soon, we'll unveil a dedicated business platform, granting you direct access to Unifi. Take charge of your content, engage your audience, and make waves in the vibrant Unifi ecosystem! 🌟

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early access

A direct channel to engage with 100,000+ prospective students annually, initiating as early as January—a substantial 9 months ahead of the highly anticipated freshers week!

Our groundbreaking platform facilitates prospective students to connect in novel ways—year, course, accommodation, and hobby-centric group chats—enabling them to form friendships early and alleviate pre-university jitters.

This window of opportunity offers your business a prime advantage. Prospective students are seeking insights into the city they're soon relocating to, and they're keen on identifying key social hubs. Act now, and establish a lasting impression that resonates as new waves of students embark on this exciting academic journey each year.

current venues.

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