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Download the new student app, Unifi to see everyone at your university and those getting ready to join. Start swiping today - get a head start on building your uni circle, connect and make life-long friends through your phone. 


Looking for housemates or student accommodation? Download Unifi today and use our accommodation filter to find other students in the same boat as you!


Sign up and instantly participate in a campus-wide discussion. Unifi brings your university community, to you!

The Hub lets you keep up to date with what's being talked about at your university. Here you can share information, discuss, find part-time jobs and most importantly, be involved.


All university group chats in one place!

No more trawling through Facebook asking if course or accommodation group chats have been made. By bringing all uni students to one place, Unifi hosts campus wide group chats for just about anything!

When you sign up to Unifi you are automatically placed into your course chat!


In the student marketplace, you can buy and sell just about anything to anyone at your uni. It’s simple, just post an add for a product or a service and it will be seen by all students in your Unifi community. So if you want some extra cash for those dusty textbooks or fancy being taught Mandarin, take a look at the Unifi marketplace to see what other, likeminded students have to offer.



Choose from over 100 interest related forums to participate in. Share and debate your opinion among thousands of like-minded students at your university. 

Unifi is a safe and impartial platform encouraging freedom of speech. So whether you want to share your cooking skills or talk about climate change - let Unifi be your platform for discussion.


Every week we post local, part-time work for you to apply for directly through Unifi. Getting by at university can be tough, which is why we are committed to helping our users find local work to so they can enjoy uni life to the fullest! 

Check out the jobs feature in the Unifi hub for all upcoming part-time student opportunities.


Any Unifi user can create a group for the rest of the university to see, which makes the groups section of Unifi the perfect place to host all sports teams and societies on campus.


By doing so, your club will get campus wide recognition and you can also recruit new members. 

Use your group to keep all current members up to date and be sure to make any big club announcements in the campus Hub!


Here all Unifi-ers have the ability to create any event they want for the rest of the campus to see. So if you plan to host your house party, make sure you have plenty of booze! 


Local bars and clubs will also be promoting their upcoming events in town with awesome uni discounts so make sure to check this section regularly to maximise your options for entertainment.

If you're a local venue in town and want to increase your reach to students in your city, we'd love to hear from you!

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