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Your university community


Save hundreds a year on your

university social life

Introducing the Unifi Card, designed exclusively for university students like you! Discounted club entry, % off drinks, Queue jumps, and many more exciting perks! 

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We have partnered with the hottest student nightclubs, bars, and pubs across 15 cities. Begin saving big and elevating your social life with the Unifi Card!

Every University Group Chat in one App

Struggling to find your Course, Halls and Fresher Chats? We've got you covered! We also have hundreds of communal chats based on hobbies to help you find your crowd.

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Whether you're passionate about baking, immersed in the world of Minecraft, or captivated by the cosmos, Unifi has something for you! Explore and connect with like-minded individuals within your university through our engaging communal chats.

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Connect. collaborate. share

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Share News - Buy and sell - ask questions - find housemates

Imagine a buzzing hub just for students at YOUR uni, where you can share info, buy or sell tickets, and be seen by everyone on campus! 🌟 It's called the Unifi Hub—your go-to place for getting the word out and reaching a big crowd. Get ready for more eyes on what you have to share! 🚀


Connect - collaborate - make new friends

On Unifi, you'll only meet fellow students from your university. 🎓 We've grown a lot, and now there are thousands of student profiles waiting for you to check out! But that's not all - you can share your usernames for other social apps, making it super easy to connect with each other anywhere. 📱 Plus, you can find people who share your interests or are in the same courses as you! 🤝🚀

student profiles

Show yourself

on Unifi, you can make a leng profile all about you! 🌟 Share your interests and let everyone know your handles—Snap, Insta, Spotify, SoundCloud, you name it! 🎵📸 Show off what makes you, well, YOU! 😎✨

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