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Unifi Cardholder T's & C's

For any sweeping drink discount offers (e.g. 50% Off Drinks) please see the terms of these deals below:

✅  All typical spirits or spirits and mixers

✅  All typical draft beers

✅  All typical bottles of beer

✅  Shots from typical brands (Smirnoff, Gordons, Sambuca, Schnapps, Corkies etc)

✅  All cocktails

✅  Soft drinks (tap or bottled)

✅  Any glass of House Wine

❌  Rounds - Students cannot buy rounds with the Unifi Card. It’s one drink order at a time

❌  Top Shelf - Students cannot buy expensive liquors or spirits with the Unifi Card (Belvedere, Laphroaig etc.)

❌ Stacking - Students cannot get the Unifi Card discount on top of an already discounted offer. Instead students will get the Unifi Card discount on the original price, which should hopefully work out cheaper than the competing offer.

❌  Bottles - Students cannot get the Unifi Card discount on bottles of wine or bottles of spirits

❌  Pitchers, shot racks and towers - Students cannot get the discount on pitchers, shot racks or towers

For any Nightclub entry and Queue Jump offers please see the terms below:

✅  Free Entry applies up to the time clearly stated inside Unifi App. The free entry can be redeemed on the door only

✅  Queue jump applies up to to the time stated inside Unifi App. 

✅  This deal may be limited to certain days of the week as clearly stated inside Unifi App

❌  You cannot buy tickets in advance with this offer

For any Free Shot offers, the shot offered may vary according to the venue manager's discretion.

For any enquiries please email us at

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